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PhysioTherapy Diary -4

1. While typing pull your shoulders down and back. General principles 2. While doing the lower back stretch, I felt the strain more in my hip-leg joints than in the lower back. This was due to following the improper sequence. … Continue reading

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Physiotherapy diary – 1: Getting to the squat

My squat is not proper. This is because my legs and hips are tight. The following exercises below should help. The trainer says you cannot harm yourself by stretching for too long. But you can harm yourself by forcing the … Continue reading

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Yoga Diary: Anapana-sati is way superior to any pranayama OR pranayamas are not for me

Nope, Pranayama is not for me. And it will not so for the foreseeable future.┬áIn a previous post, i mentioned yet another foray into the world of pranayama by way of Anulom-Vilom. This time I was fortified by Jala Neti. … Continue reading

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Yoga Diary: Jala Neti and Pranayama

For a long while, I had been having trouble with pranayamas. All kinds. The simplest ones even.Another anamoly I noticed was that for almost 95% of the time I would be breathing in and out through my left nostril. The … Continue reading

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