Wrong bodybuilding Dieting and Workout Assumptions

Always check your assumptions. I list some of my workout assumptions that have caused me immense harm over the years.

1. Never go to bed hungry: I used to believe that when you are hungry, the body consumes muscle. This assumption is wrong. When hungry, the body consumes fat. Muscle is consumed only when the protein content is low. Since the protein content in my diet is low, I lose lot of muscle when I fall ill. If the protein content in your diet is high, hunger will not consume muscle. Khiladi keeps going to bed hungry and his biceps are as big as his head

2. After a workout, have a protein shake, wait 15 minutes and then have food: Nothing wrong with this

3. Never have more than 30gms of protein in one shot: This is probably just stinginess.

4. have protein shake only after a workout. That is when it is most effective. No point having it in general: This is not necessarily true. Khiladi has 140 gms of protein. He can’t be having all of it after a workout alone. He has got to be having this throughout the day

5. Don’t have protein shake on a full stomach. Most effective on empty stomach: This is probably true

6. You need 54 gms of protein a day but only on the day you workout: Someone like me trying to gain muscle needs closer to 100gms of protein a day. 54 is too low.

7. Whey Protein on an empty stomach causes diarhhoea: The bad quality one that is extracted from pasteurized milk does. The good quality one extracted from raw milk does not. I have never had diarrhea from consuming Whey protein from Kaizen naturals.

8. Don’t consume too much Whey protein supplement: Khiladi’s main source of food is the Whey protein

9. Carbs are important for those working out to build muscle: Carbs are important to provide energy for the workout. Not for muscle gain. If you have plenty of fat, you don’t need too much Carbs. Keep it protein.

10: Too much protein intake can cause kidney damage: Not whey protein. In fact there is no documented case of whey protein consumption causing trouble.

11. Fat is worse than Carbs: Depends. Fat from pastries certainly is. But fat from meats is not. In fact fat from meats is far far better than carbs

12. Excess carbs is better than excess protein: Not necessarily. Excess carbs always turns into Fat in order to keep the blood sugar from going high. Fat deposits are the body’s way of preventing high blood sugar by converting carbs into fat and hiding it away. Excess protein get’s pushed to muscles or ejected later. But excess carbs always turn into fat deposits

13. The body when hungry first consumes Muscle and then fat: Totally wrong. This is true only if protein content is low

Action plan
1. No white rice or white bread
2. No sugar
3. Lots of eggs
4. Lots of whey protein
5. Limited quantity of brown rice and brown bread
6. Go to bed a little bit hungry
6. Don’t over eat for any meal, not just for the day. It is the over eating even for one meal that causes fat deposits.


Now here is a list of my incorrect workout assumptions over the last few years

1. You must always workout to failure: This is a hangover from the Days of High intensity training as promoted by Mike Mentzer. While failure now and then is good, always working to failure is bound to cause an injury at some point or the other. I injured myself in 2006 and could not lift weights for the next 5 years.

2. The first set must be the heaviest weight, then lighter and so on and so forth till the last set is the lightest: While not necessarily false, it is not necessarily true either. Sagi Kalev of Body beast promotes the thinking that the first set is the lightest and the last set the heaviest. This also gives good results

3. The entire body must be worked out in every workout session: This, while not necessarily false, is not necessarily true either. As any one in bodybuilding can tell you, working out one body part a day can be pretty effective as well.

4. Muscles begin to atrophy after 96 hours. So body parts must be exercised in cycles of 96 hours: This is not true. Sagi Kalev promotes a cycle of one week and the results are pretty good here as well.


About masculineffort

A Man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, seduce a woman, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
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6 Responses to Wrong bodybuilding Dieting and Workout Assumptions

  1. lidivlife says:

    Good one man. I just moved to intermittent fasting too. Its been fucking awesome so far. Some day I hope to meet you and this khiladi dude.

  2. lidivlife says:

    actually, in contrast to what you said to one point above : eat white rice ( high glycemic index , yes but no gluten ) compared to ( bread, high gluten low glycemic index ) gluten makes you dumb. read bulletproof diet for more info

    • Thanks for your kind words, mate. I believe you live in Bombay. But if you lived in Bangalore and were into Salsa, you would have met Khiladi by now. If you are in Bangalore and into the Buddha’s teachings, you would have met me by now.

      Now regarding White rice, I am very much against white rice because it has no nutrients at all: The milling process removes all nutrients from rice. White rice has all the nutritional qualities of wood. It will increase blood pressure, cause insulin spikes leading to diabetes in addition to weight gain.

      Gluten free stuff became popular after Novak Djokovic’s run in 2011. But I am not convinced it is all that bad. It might make a difference to a top pro athlete like the Djoker, but I don’t think it is all that bad. Gluten that comes from Brown bread is not bad. Brown bread like brown rice is quite nutritious. But White bread I would not touch at all. White bread is as bad as white rice if not worse.

  3. lidivlife says:

    Dude, long time no hear. Keep posting espescially there are veryfew like minded Indians here who MWGTOW 🙂 and would like to know new ideas on self imporvement from you as well.

  4. Friend, Thanks for your kind words. At the moment I have a very busy project to deliver at work. All my energies are focused there apart from Gymming regularly and also trying to meet women when I have some free time. I have decided I should look into marriage and been meeting women for the purpose. I’ve started DayGame in Bangalore and have also had an Instadate with an Iranian Girl and another girl who is now a friend. I have also been Sarging in the Gym and have also sampled some salsa dance places. I will write about all these in more detail once I am done with this project including my impressions about approaching women in India.

  5. lidivlife says:

    Hi dude, how have things been? Do a post sometime to let us know how life is draging you along 🙂

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