Kammanahalli, Bangalore Club roundup and Review

Kammanahalli has a reputation among people in Bangalore that I am only recently becoming aware of. Some call in Kammanahattan likening it to Manhattan because of the presence of so many foreigners, especially students. One of my colleagues keeps saying to me, “So many Babes, man!” 

So, in the spirit of Science, a la Richard Feynman, I decided that this was a reputation worth investigating. Also, I need a competitor to Toit. Options are always good. 

One review of a Kammanahalli Club called Lounge 579 is already on this blog.

0. Lounge 579: Too loud to talk, cover charge, Only couples on the dance floor. Conclusion: Not for single guys hoping to get Jiggy with it. 


1.                                                     Extreme Sports Bar

Link: https://www.facebook.com/XSBKMN

Cover Charge: Rs 500

Stag entry: No

Conclusion: Don’t come here hoping to get laid or meet women

Player Grade: F


2.                                                           Rewind

Link: http://www.burrp.com/bangalore/rewind-kammanahalli-main-road-listing/151147

Cover Charge: None

Stag Entry: Yes

Logstics: This is more a restaurant than a Pub. Not really a place to drink like Toit. This is a place to eat. Tables every where. Very bad for approach logistics. There are a few rooms. There is a small outdoors where you could theoretically approach. However, one approach is all you can do there. Then you have to leave as everyone there has seen it. 

First experience: Two girls in the Balcony each with their boyfriend. One all girl set eating at their table. But tables are not really places to approach are they?

Player rating: D


3.                                                    Local The resto Pub

Link: http://www.bing.com/local/details.aspx?lid=YN4070x6119297565451329898&q=The%20Local&form=LARE

Cover Charge: None

Stag Entry: Yes

Logistics: You can only approach a maximum of one set. You will catch everyone’s attention with that one approach. If you get shot down, it’s time to leave, because it is a small place. So there is no place to hide unlike in Toit where you can approach a few sets and still remain relatively anonymous. 

First experience: every girl was with a date. There was a big mixed set. I don’t do mixed sets in places like that. I prefer all girls sets. 

Conclusion: Good place for a first date. Not worth driving all the way from another part of town if meeting girl is . If you live in the area, just walk in to examine the vibe. If there are reasonable looking girls, by all means grab a drink, and approach them when you are close to finishing the drink. If the set hooks, stay. Else, you leave after gulping the last drops of your drink. 

Player rating: C


4.                                                   Rasta

Link: http://rastarasta.com/

Cover Charge: None except when they have special events like when they invite a comedian like Russell Peters

Stag Entry: Yes

Logistics: The best logistics of any place I have seen so far in bangalore. Even better than Toit.  Three floors with the dance floor at the top. Plenty of space on every floor. Plenty of areas with excellent privacy. Excellent outdoors on all floors. If one approach at some place goes wrong, you can always leave and go somewhere where people did not see you get shot down.

First experience: The place has just opened. So when I walked in on a weekday, it was nearly empty. There were a couple of girls on the first floor with one guy. They girl was dressed in short shorts. On the weekend, there was a special event and a Rs 600 cover charge. So I decided to come some other time to check out the place. I have never had much luck with women in “events”

Conclusion: Tremendous potential. This may be the competitor to Toit I was looking for.

Player Rating: Potentially A+. A full review will come soon


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A Man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, seduce a woman, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
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3 Responses to Kammanahalli, Bangalore Club roundup and Review

  1. robinhood says:

    Hey man, I wrote to you sometime back, and was just reminded of your blog. I think you had mentioned the need to be anonymous and stuff which is cool. However, I’m in the game and also have been solo for a while despite various people wanting me to wing ( which i’m pretty awesome at ), but then later just blowing set opens etc. I’m okay going out alone, but it’s more fun with a solid wing who knows what he’s doing and someone to compare notes with. Also more fun to go out and hang with someone who gets it. Any way we can meet up without really blowing the online anonymity thing for the rest of the world? I’ve got my own notes on the bangalore scene and which places to visit and I like the way you think about various spots, though I really disagree with Toit being the place to be. Don’t forget that the type of people you meet have a lot to do with the venue, and for the most part I’ve just not found the smart, witty, charming women at Toit. Of late that’s been more of a Monkey Bar, Humming Tree kind of a place. I do have a lot of friends, but they don’t understand the logistics of going to a place to meet people (simple example is the fact they they just want to change the scene without heed to whether it’s a sit-down place or a stand-up walk around bmp into people kind of place, which to me is the first criteria that any serious person who want to meet new people should take note of!) and that’s been pretty frustrating. So I just made the call to go out alone whenever I have time to go meet some new people. Anyway, I’m an expat from the US. There’s a buddy of mine who’s also moved to India and used to “teach” the game back in the USA. All round advice is to meet up and form a little group and share notes to just up the skills and results. Not sure if this comment section is moderated or not, but please delete public comment if it just instantly shows up and PM me back! If you still wanna maintain the anonymity thing I might just start my own blog on the subject and we can compare notes virtually, but that would really just suck! ( I’ve been to Toit a three or four times in the last couple months, but wasn’t really able to determine if you were there at the same time, which is what you suggested! )…Write back dude. Figure this out! Cheers! – Robinhood

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