Game and Pick Up Artists are now in India, Part1: Meeting with Khiladi

I was one of those people who always thought that Pick up and India should not be used in the same sentence. I am not alone in this belief. The hairy folks at Rooshv have the following to say about Pick up in India.

For a long while I believed the same about India. All that changed, Yesterday. No I did not get laid, but I did not get arrested or slapped for cold approaching women either and that is definitely worth saying something. Remember, this is a country where the newspaper editors are obbsessed with rape. Every day you pick up the paper and there is a rape happening somewhere or the other. If I were a hot chick, I would freak out if a guy cold approached me.

This was my first night out in India. Essentially a saturday evening with nothing to do. So this would be a good day to meet a few people who were on my meet list. I called up a guy who prefers not to have any details about him known. Let’s just call him Khiladi (Hindi for Player). We decided to meet for drinks.

As we got started talking I suddenly realized that this guy was a pussy hound with experience laying the ladies in India. It’s true, people. Game is now in India. And at the Vanguard of this movement are people who have returned to India after spending time abroad and learning the ropes there. Khiladi’s own take is that after operating in the competitive American Pick-Up environment, the scene in India can be likened to having a machine gun with fish in a barrel.

A word to note. The pick up environment in the U.S. is a tough one for an Indian guy. Indian guys have several strikes against them

1. Skinny Physique: Check
2. A Geeky look: Check
3. A hilarious accent: Check
4. Twenty year old virgins a.k.a. clueless with the ladies: Check
5. An uncool media image: Check
6. No sense of style, sartorially speaking: Check

An American guy is taller, bigger, stronger, better looking, cooler (more laid back), more experienced, better dressed, more extroverted and has bigger equipment than his Indian counterpart. To compete against these guys is not exactly a picnic. This is what I had been doing for 6 years in the States. And this is what Khiladi had been doing in the States. I find that I have to put in about 4 times as much work (approach to lay ratio) to get the same results as the American guys in my group.

Now let’s come to India. Suddenly the guys are the same size, have the same physique, have the same uncool accent and Zero Game. It becomes a fish in the Barrel situation. Khiladi claims to have laid more chicks in 3 years in India than 6 years in the States. That night in Toit, I was the only guy approaching women. Ofcourse this situation will change. I predict that in 10 years, game will go mainstream in India and guys will running all around hitting on women. Indian guys are aggressive, people. They are not going to just stand by and watch other guys lay their women the way Japanese and Asian guys do. Japanese and Asian guys might be formidable fighters on the Battle Field, but they seem to be remarkably passive in the face of loser white guys sleeping with hordes of their women. There is no way this can happen in India. At the very least, said loser white guy will get beaten up in a dark alley at some point or the other.

Finally, India has zero gym or sports culture. The guys are amazingly out of shape. The guys are either skinny or Pot-Bellied. You hit the Gym regularly for 3 months and suddenly you are among the top 10% of the male physiques in the bar. In stark contrast, my Gym rat friend after hitting the Gym religiously for 15 years has an average physique in an American Bar. If he were in Toit that night, he would have the best physique.

My next post will be about what actually happened at Toit.


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