List of Singapore Companies that hire Analog IC (integrated Circuit) Designers

Singapore is trying to become a major hub for IC Design in Asia. Already a hub for manufacturing, Singapore is attempting to move to the top of the value chain with Electronic Design. In fact Circuit design is a major thrust area for the Electronics Development Board. Singapore aspires to be the Silicon Valley of Asia in the field of Circuit design. However, I do not see a list of companies hiring IC Designers in singapore (Analog/Digital/Mixed-Signal) anywhere in the internet. This post is an attempt to address this issue. Feel free to suggest any companies that I may have omitted

1. Altera
2. Avago
3. Broadcom
4. Delphi
5. Fujitsu
6. Huawei
7. Infineon AG
8. Inphi Corp
9. Institute of Microelectronics
10. Linear Technology
11. LSI Corp
12. Marvell Semiconductor
13. Maxim Integrated Circuits
14. MediaTek
15. NXP Semiconductors
16. O2 Microelectronics
17. Qualcomm
18. Silicon Laboratories
19. ST-Ericsson
20. Volterra
21. Xilinx

Tentative inclusions. Please advise if these companies do hire IC Designers.
1. MicroChip Technology
2. Renesas Tech
3. Philips
4. Panasonic
5. Advanced RFIC
6. Bluechips


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2 Responses to List of Singapore Companies that hire Analog IC (integrated Circuit) Designers

  1. sanketgupta says:

    Thanks for the list, hadnt seen one in so long!
    By the way, do you work as Analog Designer somewhere?

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