PhysioTherapy Diary -4

1. While typing pull your shoulders down and back. General principles

2. While doing the lower back stretch, I felt the strain more in my hip-leg joints than in the lower back. This was due to following the improper sequence. The correct sequence is as follows
a. Foam roll the quads
b. Foam roll the IT band
c. Toe touch progression
d. Quad stretch
e. pigeon
f. outer hip rotator stretch
g. lower back stretch

3. Your right hamstring is less flexible than the left. So do the wall assisted hamstring stretch

4. New areas to foam roll
a. Rotator cuff
b. Lower back sides where there is flesh and muscle

5. General principles to followed for upper body exercises such as bench press seated row, rowing, chin ups, push ups
a. Abs clenched after sucking air out of abdomen. Keep abs clenched for duration of exercises. While breathing in, abs should still be clenched
b. Lats activated
c. Lower traps activated
d. Butt clenched
e. Shoulders stabilized and in position. Shoulders must be pulled back and down away from ears. Shoulder blades must be together for rows.
f. Scapulae activated
g. Clenching does not have to be all the time. Usually only during contraction cycle. Use common sense. Do not strain, ask for advice. Usually it will come naturally


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