Physiotherapy Diary – 3

This post is a work in progress

1. It is a common belief that all you need in order to touch your feet while keeping your legs straight in flexibility in your back and hamstrings as in the picture below

What is neglected is that flexibility in the calves is also a factor and not a small one at that. Therefore before you do the standing leg feet touch, stretch out your calves as in the article below (look at the section on the calf stretch)

A device called  foot slant board greatly aids is stretching out every single part (except the back) that is instrumental in being able to touch your feet with your fingers while standing up.

The idea is to do the toe touches while standing on this board. This stretches out the calves real good. It’s okay to bend at the knees a bit. It is much recommended to keep a ball (filled with air) between your legs while you do these toe touches. Press the ball as you touch your toes. It helps. Don’t know why. I could not find a youtube video or a picture that demonstrates doing these with the ball in between your knee caps. Also do not forget to stand up all the way after you come to the lowest point in your stretch as you stand on that foot slant board. I have no idea why, but standing up is crucial to be the calf stretch.

2. Hip raises with a tennis ball

3. Ankle mobility with band

4. Clam shell

5. one legged touch touches with standing leg bends

6. One legged squat with the bending leg raised on a staircase

7. Now it is time for some core workouts. Primary is the method of clenching the belly so that whenever you do any exercise the core takes the load. This ensures less stress on the tendons, ligaments, soft tissue etc.

8. Next is the plank. Just be sure to have your chest out. Belly clenched as above.

8. The other is the oblique palank. Body in a straight line. Chest out. Belly clenched as above.

7. Dumbell lifts with shoulders pulled back and firing of scapula, lats and traps only. No shoulder or neck firing. Shoulder pulled away from ears. Belly clenched.

8. Seated rows with shoulders thrown back at all times. Shoulder must be held in place. Should be able to hold a pencil wedged in your back as you do these rows. Engage scapula, lats and traps only. No shoulder or neck firing.. Shoulders pushed away from ears. Belly clenched.

9. Pull ups with traps, scapula and lats engaged. Shoulders pulled away from ears. Belly clenched

10. Same for pushups.


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