Sarge Diary-7 : Asking for directions, Blowfish bar review and text exchanges

Long time expat residents of singapore, especially older white men, are well aware of a peculiar phenomenon here. Singapore has lots of maids from the Phillipines. Almost all of them work full time with only one day off every two weeks. Some of them get a day off only once a month. The lucky ones get a day off every week. They usually work full time with a family. It is usually the woman in the family that drives the maid mercilessly always having some work or the other for her to do. It’s always Iron the clothes, clean the dishes, sweep the floor, feed the baby, clean the closet, bring me a glass of water, pick up that piece of paper, take out the trash and come back in 5 minutes etc etc. For some reason, the women in the family are very keen to ensure that these maids get absolutely no male contact whatsoever. Hence the constant work and timing the maid while she takes out the garbage. Because she might meet a guy in that one spare second she gets. Seriously! Middle aged matronly women make the worst bosses. Hope that you never have to work for one.

Anyway, that was the background. The part I am getting to is what they do on their off-day. They party! Hard! This off day is almost always a sunday. Several Clubs cater specifically to this demographic. They open during the day and that is where the filipina maids go with their friends to party. Blowfish is one such club.
Located inside the international building in orchard, it’s main clientele during Sunday is filipina maids and men who come to hit on them. The best hours are apparently from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. As usual, I got there at 7:00 pm. Yes, the girls were there. Yes, they were friendly. The place is also chock full of Indian and Filipino construction workers who come to hit on the filipina girls. Then there are the older white guys. A smattering of older singaporean guys. I will not say that everyone is hooking up. But all the older white guys and filipino construction workers are. Some Indian construction workers are also hookingup but not all. Any normal guy with half decent looks should be able to land a girlfriend here. You will just destroy the competition.

This is therefore an open note to any shy singaporean/asian guys who are in their twenties and still virgins and would like to get it out of the way. Drink couple beers at home to get a slight buzz, head to blowfish on a sunday between 1:00pm and 6:00 pm, get another drink there and once done head to the dance floor and start dancing near some of the girls. There is absolutely no shame in dacing alone here. Now Just see what happens. You will get eye contact, plenty of it. Smile when you do. And watch as they smile back. Go and say hi, introduce yourself. If nothing happens, don’t worry. Whisper something in the ear of any girl you fancy. Something along the lines of, “Nice jeans” or “Good moves” should be just fine. Just say something, damnit! Anything. No need to be over think this or be witty. It is so loud, she probably can’t hear you anyway. Usually the girls will laugh and invite you to join them. Yes, they are that friendly. This is how women behave when they are starved for male attention. If you are still unsure, just watch some of the guys who putting the moves on the girls. Now, go copy them. Don’t emulate those two idiotic males dancing with one another. That is just plain gay if not pathetic. Keep dancing with the girl and lo presto, you have a girlfriend. If you pull it right and have a place of your own, you will also get laid that day. Yes, it is that simple. Anyone who talks about game while banging Filipina maids is either a liar, a braggart, a moron, a first timer, delusional or some combination thereof.


Direct approaches are tiring. And boring. I have been doing them for so long that I cringe at the thought of doing more. I can only bring myself to do it to women who are either hot or give me a boner on the spot or both. But there are not that many hot women to go around. And I still need to keep my skills up while I am in the process of finding that LTR and even after. So what to do? Simple, just talk to as many girls as possible. I don’t want to call this a direct approach as the intent is not to hit on her, get her number or lay her. Just have a conversation and see where it goes. Try to keep the conversation interesting. Social skills are all about keeping the other party interested. So keep her interested. And if she seems to respond and like your thing, who knows? This could go further. So I started off this weekend. Now how to do the indirect. The last time I did indirect was 6 years ago. The simplest I could think of was to pretend to be a tourist and ask for directions. Of course you must stop moderately hot women for this. This is practice, yes? Remember if she is too hot, go direct. Moderately hot, ask for directions. And then once she is done explaining, feel free to add other questions. Feel free to also drop comments about the city. Feel free to compare your experiences in other cities. She might show curiosity and ask you questions. And now it is your turn to ask ask questions and so on and so forth. Low stress, relaxing, fun, friendly and keeps you in sarging shape. What more can you ask for. Let’s get to some sample conversations now

I stop a semi-hot young girl.

Me: Hi, you’re a student right?
She: No
Me: Really? Please don’t tell me you are a teacher.

(If she says yes, that’s a laugh and a half….see ho this works?)

She: No, I am not. I work in

(If it’s an interesting profession, you have more questions to ask)

Me: You see, the reason I ask is, I am trying to get to NUS and I heard all students in SG go to NUS

(See that comment! It should get some sort of reaction. Too many blanket statements there)

She: No, actually I studied in the U.S.
Me: Really? Where? I studied in

And then we got talking about our time in the U.S., southern accents, NYC, compared to singapore, missing parents, driving cars, blah blah. Any way, we talked for about 10 minutes before she had to go. Of course, the conversation simply did not get to anything sexual or even relationshippy, but hey, I’m new to this. It gonna take time.

The next girl was a very young 17 year old girl from China who could not stop smiling and seemed thrilled to be talking to me. We talked about china, my travels, her journey to singapore, her plans to go to the U.S., mathematics olympiads (Yes, she is a nerd). But ultimately I felt uncomfortable pushing this interaction due to her age. I know 16 is the age of consent in SG, but I am just to uncomfortable with her age. I know you call these limiting beliefs, but I don’t care.

Next was an older woman who asked me take a bus. I said I would walk. She seemed surprised but she smiled in a flirty kinda way. We talk a bit. She seems to like me. She is married. I say her husband probably goes to bed thanking God for such a cool wife and make my way.

Next was a Filipina maid who actually walked me to the place. Fun conversation. It is easy to joke with her. She loves to laugh. I feel very good. They are such sweethearts, these Filipina maids.

I like how this is going. My spirits are soaring. And wouldn’t you know it? It starts raining. Damned tropical rain. It is also the rainy season. I’m stuck inside. I try sarging in Ion orchard, but the vibe is not there. First, I am pissed that the rain ruined a good run. They seem to be able to detect it. Next, the environment is diferent. Outdoors is more relaxed. Indoors is a little more rushed. People are not that social indoors for some reason. But then again, it may be me. I am pissed, remember?

I decide to do more of this in the coming days.

I have a text exchange with snowflake_girl

(I’m a little leary about initiating a text with her since I drunk texted her last weekend to which she did not reply. So I’m a bit apprehensive).

Me: So, snow_flake girl! You are a design major, are you not?
She: No my major is XYZ
Me: Really? I am a absolute whiz at XYZ . Ask me a question
She: Hahaha! Are you up for a challenge? I had an exam yesterday and I chose to do this question. ” XYZ by it’s nature is applied. Do you agree?”

( I think to myself, “Ever hear of a major where they say, “We are only theoretical, not applied.””? Exactly. I did not think so either)

Me: Pffft! Of course XYZ is applied. Too easy. Ask me something harder

(Nothing for half an hour and then she gives me jolt with this)

She: Bet you do not know the XYZ of my body

(What the hell? Is she baiting me as hot girls like to? Seeing if I am too eager? Or uncomfortable? But on the other hand she too has gone out on a limb. She did take time to send this. She did think it through. She has put herself out there. Remember, this is Asia. Not the USA. In the US, I’d be cocky. Gotta play it different here. I decide to play it as if she has the better of me. After all, a real man also knows when to concede defeat when he dealing with a woman. But defeat must be conceded with dignity in a matter of fact way. Yes, you beat me. So what? But first, I decide to make her sweat. I wait a half hour)

Me: Yes, snowflake_girl! That is true. I do not know the XYZ of your body.

( I was tempted to write, “I do not know the XYZ of your body, Yet!” But i decided to leave out the yet at the last minute as that is too cocky for an asian girl.)

She: Hahahahahahaha! My exams end this coming week.

( She is enjoying her victory. She finally managed to get this cocky, witty guy tongue-tied. And she answered a question I had wanted to ask without me even asking for it. Yes, it does seem that sometimes by letting a woman beat you, you actually win. Guess what! I am enjoying her victory too)

Me: I was just about to ask you that. See? You can read minds too ;-p

(This is an allusion to an earlier time when I cold read her mind successfully)

She: Haha! Beginner’s luck I would say ;). Yeah, I’ll be free friday onwards. So we can grab a coffee whenever.
Me: I dare say we will grab just a little bit more than coffee πŸ˜‰

(I had some doubts about the last one. Too risque. But then I thought, she too has shown intent. I should too. Besides as a man, when in doubt, take that risk)

She: What else do you wanna grab? πŸ˜‰

(Clearly she enjoyed the last exchange. She is emboldened for more. That means I played the last one well. I decide to give myself a high five. But still, I have to admire this girl. She may just be out of her teens, but she is no stranger to flirting. Girls DO mature faster than boys. I decide to up the ante on the flirting)

Me: A few drinks maybe, non-alcoholic of course ;-)! Why? What else do you want me to grab?
She: Hahahaha! That’s up to you to read my mind πŸ˜‰

(I think we both know what needs to be grabbed, girl! I decide that this is the high point of the text messaging. Time to cut it short. It can only get worse from this point. Leave on a high and all that)

Me: Okay, Let’s see if I still have my touch when we meet next week ;-i. In the meanwhile, you had better grab that A.
She: Haha alright! See ya.

(I don’t usually mention this business of “You had better get an A” to an American girl. I always get challenged. I usually come back with, “I like smart girls. So sue me!”. But this is Asia. I don’t get challenged on this. Also this girl likes the fact that I have expectations of her)

Me: Haha! See you next week. Good luck on your exams, girl!

( I really like this girl)


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