Physiotherapy diary – 1: Getting to the squat

My squat is not proper. This is because my legs and hips are tight. The following exercises below should help. The trainer says you cannot harm yourself by stretching for too long. But you can harm yourself by forcing the stretch. Stretch for 10 minutes each for two weeks. But don’t force yourself to stretch more than your normal.

1. Pigeon stretch:

This is for the inner hip rotators. Can be done against bench as well. In my case, the front knee tends to slip down to my lower abs. Look at the front leg. The lower leg should be at right angles with the upper leg. This tends to be become a very acute angle for me. It is very important to keep the front leg at the right angle. It is also very important to keep the front leg at chest level. If needed, your butt can raise over the floor. If needed the backward leg can bend further and come forward. But the front knee needs to be be at chest level and right angle. Why? Because, what is needed is a flexibility at your inner hip rotators. 10 minutes per side, both sides. 20 minutes total. As a final note, you must not feel any strain in your back when you do this. You are allowed to move your chest towards the front knee in order to increase the stretch.

2. Quadriceps stretch

You must not feel any strain in your back when you do this. So make sure both your butts are aligned. Squeeze your butt in order to increase the stretch. But on no account must you bend backwards to increase the stretch as that will just strain your back. You may also move your chest to one side or twist your hips to one side or the other to increase the stretch

3. Lower back stretch: Lie on your back, bend and lift up both legs so you can grab both legs from the Grab both legs from the back and pull in such a way that the lower back stretches out. Also called the double knee to chest or the lying lower back stretch or the knee hug. 3-5 minutes of this is sufficient. This stretch must be done last after all the stretches are done.

4. Brahmacharyasana: To stretch out the hip rotators external. 10 minutes. Anti-stretch to the pigeon

5. More hip rotator stretch:

6. paschimottanasana or stretch out your hamstrings. But you can also do a variation where you are standing up and touch the floor with your fingers 10 times with your legs straight.

7. Balancing on one side: Go on all fours. Then extend your left leg backward and left hand forward and balance just of your right side. Do the same for the left side. Then do opposing hands and legs. Strengthens core. Kinds like this girl but without the bosu ball
Or like in this one where they call it the arm/leg extension

8. Hip raises, clam shell, plank, superman/aeroplane as mentioned in the post on exercises in the local gym on this very blog

Okay. Let’s do these with determination and regularity. I really need to get a handle on my injuries. A good physique is worth a hundred thousand cold approaches at least.


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2 Responses to Physiotherapy diary – 1: Getting to the squat

  1. jurko says:

    you mean your body weight squat or your barbell squat is not proper

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