Sarge Diary – 6 : Home extraction logistics

This is a topic I never paid more than cursory attention. In the United States, home extractions had become surprisingly simple by the end of my days there. I used to have an earlier preconception that a home extraction required some heavy kissing, make out etc before it would happen. A home extraction was considered almost a sure lay. But later I realized that a home extraction was surprisingly simple. No kiss was needed. Just 30-45 minutes with her at drinks. Be personable, not creepy, relaxed and then just hit her with the line, “So why don’t we go over to my place. The drinks are cheaper there.” Or “I’m in the mood for some chicken curry. Let’s go over to my place and cook some.” A friend of mine used to extract even faster. After opening her, it was a 15-30 minutes of some bullshit talk at a coffee house or while walking. He would steer the conversation to food. She would say she liked Indian food. He’d ask about chicken curry, prawn curry etc. She would say sounds great. He’d say, “Let’s go to my place to cook some prawn curry. But you can’t just sit idle. You’ll have to cut vegetables and help me with washing after.” Another alternative was just to ask her to come to your place for a first date where you were going to cook. This idea is not really revolutionary. In the ongoing recession in the U.S., people were really short of money. I knew this idea had gained wide acceptability when a popular newspaper article suggested this.

When you home extract in this situation, a lay is not  sure thing. You will still have to escalate. The advantage is that it is a familiar environment for you. You can set the mood with some music etc. You can joke around while cooking. The seduction can proceed at a much more relaxed place than if it was a coffee house or some drinking location. There is ample scope for touching one another (Kino), punching one another etc etc.

Now fast forward to Singapore. Here the logistics are much worse than the U.S. for most people. In the U.S., lots of aspiring players have their own one bedroom bachelor pad with no flatmates. There is complete privacy which relaxed both the player and the playee. Not so in singapore. Rent is so expensive that getting your own apartment is not an option. You will have flatmates. So it is important that you choose your flatmates and landlord carefully. The land lord and flat mates must be cool with you entertaining guests of the opposite gender and even stay overnight. You must have your own room, so there is some degree of privacy. There must be sound insulation so no one can hear you escalating on the girl or  her response to your escalation. A patio would help. Location is extremely important. Girls are much more willing to extract to a place that is close to the meeting place. Location also helps with approaching. It is important that your place be close to where a lot of girls can be sarged. In singapore, this would mean a place where a lot of expats can be found. Locals are too afraid that they will be seen by someone they know.

Given the requirement, let’s see how my place stacks up
1. close to place where lots of expat girls can be found: Check
2. Close to several day 2 locations: Check
3. Cool landlord: check
4. Cool roommates: Check
5. Own room for visual privacy: Check
6. Sound insulation for auditory privacy: Holy crap, No!
7. Patio to escalate: No
8. Double bed: No

Point # 6 is a real issue. The guy living next to me can hear everything that goes on in my room. Escalating in my room is out of the question. There is no privacy there. Okay, I can escalate outside and home extract when she is hot and bothered, but I’m afraid even sex is out of the question. He can hear everything. I cannot use loud music to blank out the sex since everyone will know what the hell is going on here. Damn! I am going to need a new place if I need to home extract.

In the U.S., even though I had my own pad, I was real untidy in the earlier days. So I never home extracted. I always extracted to the girls’ place after plenty of kissing and feeling her up of course. The girl also had her own place and no flatmates, i.e. noone to judge her. In Singapore, again that is not an option. The local girls live with their parents. So forget about extracting to their place. As for the expats, they too have flatmates and they are thus afraid of being judged. So an extraction to her place may not be the easiest thing to do. The only other option is a Hotel Room, but it lacks plausible deniability. A home extraction has plenty of plausible deniability. “Oh! I just went there for cooking and a movie. The sex kinda just happened.” A hotel Room when both of us already have apartments? Too obvious. Few girls will go for that.

Damn it! How did I make such an elementary error?

Once again, listing my requirements
1. Points 1-8 above
2. Sunlight
3. Low noise
4. Reasonable amount of space for exercise

Seriously, how did I make such an elementary mistake?

Okay, It will take maybe a few weeks to find another place. I also have the option of moving to another place which is owned by my own landlord earlier. I will just have to go over budget, that’s all. Time is more important than money at this stage in my life. I may never get this kind of free time ad be in this situation ever again in my life. I’ll Spend more if I have to. In the meanwhile how do I make the best of the situation that I do have?

1. Evaluate the situation with more sobriety: Extracting to the girls’ place is not all that unlikely. People always adjust to the situation. For one, I heard the locals say that they extract to hotels. I guess plausible deniability is not a big deal here. People living in cramped places do not have the luxury of wanting plausible deniability.

2. Does she have her own place? Again, my female flatmate in the last place did bring a guy over after she had just met him. I guess people in cramped places do not care all that much about being judged by strangers. So see if you can extract to her place.

3. I am looking for a long term relationship. An awesome bachelor pad is great for quick lays and to rack in the notches. So to compensate, I will have to escalate slowly and work on several prospects at the same time. The luxury of working on one prospect at a time is gone. I will have to go out and do more approaches.

4. Talk to your male room-mates about this: We all agree it is an issue. I have taken permission to turn on the music just enough so it muffles what is going on. So if it is my room, then the sexual attraction is pretty much implied.

5. Try to home extract when the Room-mates are not there, i.e. during the day on weekdays when they have all gone to work. Thus I will have to go troll the tourist places where all the tourists come and escalate fast and extract them.

6. With long term prospects, bring them home once before you go out. Ask them if they would just like to do some pre-drinking before going out so that we don’t have to spend so much out there. That is low stress and there is no sex. She can evaluate the situation herself before she agrees to a home extraction. That way it will not be such a shock to her system.

7. Don’t let her talk too much to your flat-mates. That too will increase ASD.

8. Single bed may not be a huge issue: An ex flatmate extracted with a single bed.

But God damn! what a bloody mess


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