Sarge Diary – 4: I know my type, wine&cheese, a body blow and a character flaw

They say that everyone has a type. While I do not know everyone, I do know myself. I have a type. My type is the girl who looks peaceful and relaxed. That is the type I am most comfortable approaching, interacting with, connecting with and taking my chances with. They are also the type that readily warm to my approach. The last two days I opened just couple sets, both hooked, both gave numbers, both texted back immediately and both had the last word. Both also had a peaceful look to their face and both also happened to be expats. Come to think of it, even the singaporean girls who were warm to my approach had the same peaceful look on their face. Unhurried, relaxed they all were. I don’t seem to get much traction with the hurrying girls, the serial texting girls, the girls with the worried, tense look on their face. How is it for other guys? I am not unique. It must be the same. So ladies, here is a tip if you are looking for that guy to approach you. Look relaxed and peaceful. He will have more courage to approach. 

I first approach a tall white girl at the aisle in the supermarket. She is a kiwi and she is thrilled at my approach. She has a fiance. She is smart, funny and cheerful. I suddenly realize this is my type. I go green with envy at her fiance. Wild thoughts of challenging her fiance to a duel to the death swirl in my mind. I think the better of it. Kiwi guys are strong. He might just kill me though it might just be worth the risk. But then she might kill me if he does not. This is not worth the risk. I have no chance yet I am enjoying this conversation. My landlord who I was hanging with has been waiting patiently for me fiddling with his phone. I decide not to keep him waiting for a set that is going nowhere. I declare that I am jealous of her fiance and I eject

I realize that I am addicted to opening sets. I am addicted to the rush, the thrill, the quas-danger, the butterflies in my stomach. This causes me to neglect other aspects of my game like personal grooming, keeping a neat and clean bachelor pad, day 2 preparation, having a good wardrobe, having a well stocked wine and cheese collection. I decide to cut out the approaches for the rest of the day and focus on the other aspects of game.

I clean my pad and make it neat. I am now always impeccably dressed when I go out. Even for shopping. i decide to stock my larder with wine and cheese. Girls love the wine and cheese combo and if I am going to extract her home, I better have a good collection. I go to for some tips

Here is the combo I purchased for a wine and cheese platter if i ever do a home extraction
1. Red wine: Chainti (Bordeaux, cabernet, sauvignon, beaujalois will do just as well. All go with soft cheese)
2. Soft cheese: Feta, brie and camembert ( I like soft cheeses)
3. Dark chocolate 99% cocoa (Nothing sweeter than the wine)
4. Walnuts
5. Crackers
6. Raisins
If I ever to a home extraction, I will also pick up some apples, plums etc on the way. This should make for a killer wine and Cheese platter. Damn, my own version of Nigel Davis’
feed her to lower her defenses, only I am doing it on thin chicks hahaha.

On the way back, I see another peaceful chick. I have to open. I open, she hooks. It is all so effortless. So this is how the naturals do it. Target selection. They never seem to get rejected because they do not approach the targets that might reject them. We shoot the shit a bit. She is from ABC but speaks great english. I comment on it and ask if she is the elite of ABC society. She explains that they have english in school from 8. We swap a few tips on the cheap places to shop. We make fun of the fools who buy groceries in orchard when they could get it a lot cheaper in Fairprice (tomatoes are 10 times cheaper. You read that right. Not 10%, 10 times!). She tells me about some cheap place on far east called CK. I need to text her on this. She finds it hilarious that I am comparing prices at the two places. But have a I played the cheap card too far? Is it a DLV because I am cheap? Or a DHV because I am so unapologetic about it? I guess it is all in the attitude. I tell her I am on a sabbatical, my adventures trekking in the himalayas (I really need a post on that along with a customised DHV story), my desire to be a trophy husband or a house husband. It tickles her funny bone. I really need to have a post on this as well sometime. She tells me about one of her friends who is married to a HH. I am so jealous. She has to go somewhere else, but seems to like talking to me. I slip up a bit talking about investments and my investment strategy. She starts shutting down. Dang it. No more of this. I stop it. I also notice I talk too bloody much. Need to cut that down. She seems to envy me my sabbatical. We take leave of each other. I text her a few minutes after. This I believe should be the general strategy, but it is too early to make a call on this.

Me: You’re fun to talk to, Girliana (Name changed to protect identity)
She: You too Mr. Masculineffort :). Enjoy your evening

* Then she texts again*
She: owh…….It’s Gurliana, BTW
* What the hell os owh? *
Me: Really, the spell checker on my phone insists it’s Girliana
She: Hmmm! Did you modify your phone? Hehehe
Me: Haha!

* I wanted to text “Haha! No, but I will modify it now”. Then I decided to just go with haha, james bond style. Texting so mich did not feel right.*
*I think that is the end of the texting, but not she has more*
She: Auto Correct…can’t live without it. But it makes mistakes sometimes.
She: hahaha

* i get these last two texts when I am busy so I don’t notice till it’s late. Doggonne! She likes me*

I receive a call from the personal trainer saying that he cannot accept me for a group bootcamp since I have injuries. A bootcamp he says is not appropriate for me. What I need is a customized program. My physio said the same thing. I feel depressed. I will now have to bite the bullet and do what I hate. Spend extra cash and accept slower results. I will have to go for personal training program that is customized to my strengths and weaknesses. Damn you! Old injury. Because of this old injury, I have been struggling with muscle gain the same way that a fat chick struggles with her weight loss. Such is life. I have no option but to fight. Isn’t this why I took a sabbatical? To fix my health, heal my injuries, build my body, improve my game, boost my sexuality, improve my persona and explore a career change. So many things! They just have to be done. One should not worry about money at this stage since time is more important than money. This is the prime of my life and money comes secondary to time. If money is needed to fix a problem, then money must be used to fix it. My dad pointed out that I am very generous in helping out friends, very generous in giving donations to Vipassana, to charity, but when it comes to myself, I suddenly go stingy. This too is a character flaw. This too must be fixed as much as all my other issues.


About masculineffort

A Man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, seduce a woman, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
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