LR: Pangaea, Singapore and how I lost my approach invitation virginity

As my friends are well aware I hate night game. The late hours, the loud music, distracted women, all of it combines to make night clubs the worst pick up environment for me. Roissy and Roosh may swear by night game but I’ll take daytime street game over night game in bars and clubs any damned day. But if last night was any indication, all that is set to change. I pulled my very first SNL in 4 1/2 years and the very first SNL ever from a night club anywhere. Can’t make sense of the whole damned experience. I probably just got lucky but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ve suddenly developed that swagger and charisma that attractive discerning women find irresistible.


Famous for: Being expensive. Probably the most expensive night club I’ve ever been to in my life. The cover is $40 and the cheapest drink is $20. Reputed to be the lair of millionaire playboys

I’ve been to other night clubs in SG like Zouk and Attica and several other lesser known ones in Clark Quay. My night game experience there was no different from my night game experience in America, i.e. it feels a lot like banging your head against a brick wall.

Before I annoint Pangaea as my very own pussy paradise, I’ll need to repeat this experiment again and see if I get similar results.

Back ground

My friend, the KungFuKid (KFK) from HK came over and we did some pre-drinking. KFK is this funny Cantonese guy from HK who could probably kill all the pussy in SG if he could transition to sexual talk. He’s funny, fun loving, easily able to break the ice with girls, banter with them, tease them and fully engage them. The only problem is that he never stops the banter. At some point, you’ve got to stop the funny and get down to being sexual. My feeling is that he so enjoys the validation he gets from his funny act that he is afraid to go into sexual mode and risk rejection. We talked about it and he agrees and is making an earnest effort to change. After as suggestion from my Flat Mate about going to Pangaea, we decided to go down there. I hadn’t hung out with KFK in a while and my whole point of going to Pangaea was to hang with KFK. I mean what else was I going to do in Pangaea anyway? Drink? Yeah, right! Get laid?…..Stop it! You’re killing me.

First thing in Pangaea is the bloody line. They fucking hold the godamned line. Having lived in Austin, I almost feel offended when a club holds the line. We all know it’s a stupid attempt at appearing to be exclusive and popular and all that crap. But then again, in Asia, where appearances are so important, perhaps it does work. Well, who cares, I’m only here for my boy, KFK right? So fuck it!

We got in after paying a $40 cover. We go in and KFK insists we have to have drinks. A hit chick in miniskirt is right at the bar. I’m a little buzzed from all that pre-drinking and so I put my hand around her waist, lean into her and speak into her ear,

Me: “Hey, what’s the cheapest drink here?”

She: hahahahahahahaha,

She seems to find this hilarious. Been a long while since I got a response like that from chick, that too in Singapore. The problem with girls in Singapore is that they have trouble understanding my English accent which means all my sophisticated, subtle humor which is such a hit back in the states is completely lost here. The Bartender comes by and I tell him, “Yo, Bro, fix me up with the cheapest drink” Another girl overhears and also bursts out laughing. The Bartender is your typical meathead, square jawed white boy who just grimaces and fixes me watered down concoction which costs $20. My target is amused and asks me

She: So what do you do? *Damn! when is the last time in a night club a girl actually made an effort to draw me into a conversation?*

Me: I work in the construction business?

She: Oh really? As what?

Me: I’m a laborer.

She again bursts out laughing

She: Oh that’s cool…..I work as a maid.

Wow! She wants to play this game. What the hell is going on here? What’s wrong with her? For those who don’t know maids are the lowest end of the female economic totem pole here. They make $400 a month which is what your typical pangaea customer spends in 45 minutes while there.

Me: Aaah! That explains the water you are drinking.

She: This is not water. It is wine

Me: Bullshit

She: But it is wine

Me: Let’s see

I slowly grab the wine glass she is holding with the clean intention to drink it. I do it slowly so that she can stop me if I’m crossing a line. She does not stop me. I empty the bottle.

Me: Thanks for the free drink. When you are a laborer, you have to get creative.

She bursts out laughing again.

She: I don’t believe you. Your English is too good for a laborer.

Me: Oh! I used to work in the states as a laborer too. I came here for to singapore to take advantage of the opportunities in construction.

She bursts out laughing again. Damn, this validation shit feels good. Watch out boy, this shit can be addictive, don’t go the KFK way. Time to go sexual. Now I’m not sure what the hell happened after that, but at some point she led me by the hand to the female bathroom where we had a sloppy make out in full view of the staff. She told me to wait for her while she was at the bathroom and also showed me a spot where to wait. I said I’d wait for her inside. Okay, I’m not a night game expert, but waiting for a girl at a spot chosen by her does not seem like a very good idea. Or am I missing a trick here?  Anyway, I’m going inside I get a smile from a caucasian girl. WTF?!?!? She could not have seem me make out with that other girl in there. Never ever in my life have I ever received an approach invitation from a girl. This holds true for night game as well as day game. Damn! Ain’t that something. I’m no longer an AI virgin. My very first approach invitation, ever! Now that I think of it. Kinda funny ain’t it? I lost my sexual virginity way before I lost my AI virginity. Anyway back to this white girl. She is part of a group of 4 with another girl and couple guys flanking them. Boyfriends obviously.  I walk up to her and whisper in her ear

Me: I feel a love connection between us, but I also feel your boyfriend is not going to like that one bit. He does not seem like a very Romantic fellow to me.

She just burst out laughing at that. She holds my wrist and says

She: Oh he is not my boyfriend. We’re just friends.

Hmm! She saw it fit to deny the boyfriend but she did not deny the love connection. What the hell is going on here? Who ever it is that is fucking with my head…..Don’t stop now!

We got talking. She’s British and the guys are Australian. She’s dressed casual in a hippy sort of way. The Aussie boys are good looking, muscular and well dressed but their body language negates their natural advantages. I think I have a shot here. Once again I’m not sure what happened but I find myself in a 3-set involving KFK, her and me and suddenly she has to go join her friends on the dance floor. What the hell just happened there. I was not that drunk. And how the hell did KFK get in on this? Whatever

The sloppy make out girl comes back but this time she is more engaged with her friends. Whatever girl! whatever floats your boat. I shoot the shit with KFK. The girls KFK is talking to seems into him, but KFK does not. I think she would be a nice lay. I go up to her

Me: KFK tells me that we share many of the same passions

She: *Breaking into a smile* Really? And what might they be?

Me: You have a taste for fine, distinguished gentlemen and I like women with a sense of humor.

She bursts out laughing at this. Really? Am I that funny. Shit! That wasn’t even funny. We talk, she’s malay and muslim. Dare I imagine it? Banging a muslim chick?  Anyway she’s suddenly leading me to this smoke room where we sit down by a couch and she calls a friend over to talk and proceeds to ignore me. I grab a cig from her pack and start faking like I’m smoking. Nice trick i was taught by my Friend/landlord in Austin where you appear to be smoking, but don’t really inhale. I mean we’re supposed to play cool, not be the fool. While she’s talking to her friend about some local scandal, I scan the room and what do I see?

1. First, lots of Asian girls who are dressed to kill looking absolutely bored.

2. Absolutely no Asian guys.

3. Lots of white boys with afore-mentioned Asian girls who are good looking, well dressed, well built and probably rich, but seem to lack the natural charm and charisma that you see now and then among men in the states. Any of my caucasian friends back in the States would slaughter all the pussy here. One of these white boys makes EC with me. I hold it a couple seconds and smile. The fucker looks away. Unsociable wanker!

And so I’m chilling this way and soon she leads me out of the Smoke room back to the bar where KFK is entertaining the birds as usual. I think the girls want us to buy them drinks or something. I tell them that I have no money.

She: But you are so well dressed * Eat your heart out Baldur*

Me: That is why I have no money

She starts laughing again. She orders a bunch of drinks. Jaeger bombs? Some Vile concoction. Who cares though. Hot chicks in a Singapore Night club buying us guys way overpriced drinks. When’s the last time this shit happened. I’m exulting in the high that comes from all this validation but wait…. KFK pops the bubble. Apparently we guys still have to pay. I tell KFK that I ain’t paying and I ain’t gonna let him pay. But KFK is insistent. He insists we will get into trouble if we refused to pay. Shit man! The chicks did not even ask for our permission and ordered those damned drinks. Let them pay. I mean we’re supposed to be man whores. This is totally gonna kill our vibe. I refuse to pay. KFK pays. Now the Malay chick returns and leads me out of the club and wants to leave. I suggest my place at orchard and she’s game. Say what?

We go home and next day KFK tells me that the girls left right after he bought them drinks. We agreed that the only point of money is to allow you to live in a target rich environment, buy nice clothes, hire an expensive personal trainer and afford the cover charge to pussy paradise. But on no account is money meant to be spent on women. You don’t like it? Well, neither do I. I’m one of those 19th century fools who love buying women things. The Difference is that I now buy them shit AFTER laying them.   Before the lay, I doubt I spend over a dollar on them. Anyway, KFK now wants me to stop him from buying girls drinks when we go out the next time. I’m game bro!

Anyway a heady weekend and several firsts

1. First ever Approach invitation in my life, ever

2. First ever SNL from a club (The other SNL as from a street)

3. Never received so much validation from hot chicks in any venue

4. Most positive night game experience ever even if you discount the lay

I tried to make sense of what happened. For the moment I’ll keep my theories to myself. But I’ll be back at Pangaea again next week and see what happens. This could be the pussy fountain I’m looking for, but I don’t want to be hasty drawing conclusions. One swallow does not a summer make. Stay tuned for next week’s adventures. If this happens to be the pussy paradise, I might want to hold off on quitting my stressful job to practice game full time. I mean how else the hell am I going to afford the cover charge?


About masculineffort

A Man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, seduce a woman, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
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4 Responses to LR: Pangaea, Singapore and how I lost my approach invitation virginity

  1. Pygmalion says:

    Hello. I’ve read through your posts and find them rather entertaining, though the earlier ones were quite dry. Some tips from a local Singaporean girl. You seem to be a US educated Indian. To pick up a local girl in Singapore, you have to emphasize the American educated part. Its not very nice, but the thing is, there’s quite a bit of prejudice in this country against Indians in general. Especially, if you are really dark skinned. The North Indians usually fare better. When you try to cruise local girls, one major factor which will aid in your score or naught factor would be the way they speak. Of course the way they dress is a good indicator (sophisticated or cheap), but a good measure of how open/liberal they are would be if they enunciate their consonants etc. We have two/three sorts of schools in Singapore. Amongst the elite, there are the chinese educated and the western educated. Western educated girls are more chill in their outlook and probably more confident etc. Aslo, there isn’t a culture of “being approached” here, which I find quite sad actually. And Boring. Okay! good luck, hope this helps.

    • Pygmalion. Thanks for your kind and helpful comments. First, there is a bit of prejudice against Indians in every country in the world including India. Actually, make that especially India. And the reason for that is not hard to see. Indian Guys have a lot of work to do in improving their presentation. They need to dress better for one. And they should not stare at women so hard in the MRT. And while we are at it, they should not move around in wolf packs of half a dozen. I mean it’s cool to hang out with a buddy or two, but what’s with this fetish Indian guys have of roaming around in these huge wolf packs? Are they anticipating a fight? So I don’t grudge Singaporeans this prejudice. I myself have not felt this prejudice. Or maybe I have a thick skin. It’s probably the thick skin. Years of chatting up women and getting rejected brutally have reduced my ability to feel insulted.
      One thing I’ve noticed in Singapore with the local girls is that most of them have grown up here and have plenty of friends and acquaintances by the time they have grown to adulthood. So for a local girl, if she is talking to some strange guy, chances are good that somebody she knows has seen her talking to this guy. Women are understandably more shy than men. It is for this reason that local girls in Singapore are quite reluctant to talk to strange guys who approach them during the day. And it is also for this reason that Singaporean men do not approach women. Chances are high that he will get rejected (even the most successful men get rejected about 20 times before a girl says yes to them). Chances are also high that someone he knows has seen him get rejected. For a man, it is a major humiliation to get rejected by a woman in front of acquaintances. I am quite comfortable approaching women, but I would not dare approach a woman if my parents/sister/grandparents/uncles/relatives/cousins/etc were watching.
      Well, I finally have a girlfriend now and she is wonderful. I no longer feel the need to approach women left and right like a monkey or destroy my health an late hours of the night in random night spots in the city. I love the way she moans when we make love, the way she laughs at my jokes, the way she teases my macho pretensions and how uncomplicated a person she is. Yes, she is the same girl with whom I had my very first singapore instadate.

      • Pygmalion says:

        Thank you for your reply! Your analysis is quite astute and I largely agree with it. Especially the part about everyone knowing everyone and this perpetual paranoia of being seen in a socially compromising position by someone you know. Actually, it can be kind of a problem I think. If both parties are unwilling to make the first move, all that’s there for them to do is languish longingly ala the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice. Aww that’s very sweet! Hope it works out for you two

  2. Hmmm! I think it may be a time for a post giving advice to Singaporean girls on what they should do to have the cute guy approach them. What say?

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