FR: A switch goes off in my head

Sarging in Singapore so far has been frustrating to say the least. Long hours at work, the hours lost in commute. The stress related to work and getting the required legal documents. The girls who seem to back off from my approach as if I were a leper. The whole thing was a bit disorienting. That being said, yesterday was the best day of sarging for me as I finally hit upon something that looks promising. I tried the being funny thing from roissy’s site here.

And here

1. Walk side by side to a walking woman and approach her with, “so how is your evening stroll”: This  one seemed to get a smile out of an asian girl and a high five from a club bouncer who happened to be watching
2. The reeeeeaaaalllly serious one: The second one got a smile from a German girl, which is not saying much. White girls are much nicer to an approach
3. The you are making directions up one: Not too bad. But Asian girls don’t like to play and they cannot understand my wordplay or jokes in english
4. What time is it one: This joke was totally lost on the asian girls. I know it would be wesome back in the states,  but it seems asians cannot understand a joke in english or they have no sense of humor.
Talked to an older American woman who did not even let me complete the opener. 
A young Japanese girl, she was bad a t english, but great EC and great vibe from her. She was 17. Damn! Japanese girls are probably the best talent in Asia IMO. Very classy, very sweet, very feminine. Fuck assholes like Neo-Rio who bed them like crazy and yet have contempt for them. Neo Rio deserves nothing more/less than being in an Islamic culture.  But then life is essentially unfathomable. Enough about Neo though.
Then I had a brainwave
1. Absolutely do not care about her reaction. May need repetition
2. Have a slightly amused, slightly smirking, kidna serious, kinda sincere expression on your face and open a girl direct. This expression is back. Need to practice often lest I forget it.
3. Open direct
Tried on a singaporean girl who smiled before blowing me away. Okay, expected from an SG girl. But atleast she did not treat me like a leper. And even if she did, so what? I have to train myself to not care at all. In spite of the blowoff, my reaction to the blowoff, my opening gambit all contributed me saying to myself, “that opener was flawless.” And it was. I felt alpha, Absolutely did not care about the blowoff. Great voice tonality. Great facial expression. Great personality projection. As if it all came together all at once.
    Then a chinese girl who actually stopped. Great EC. The best set so far. Got number, the convo was the best even though I don’t have any clue what we actually talked about. My body language, outcome independence, tonality, the Eye Contact I got was exceptional and made the set delightful. She could not speak English all that well. But I managed to speak English kinda like the way Krauser talks to girls who are not that good in english. Speaking slowly, with that superb expression on my face. It was brilliant.
Is this the magic switch I’ve been looking for? Can we expect a repeat of that glorious summer of 2009?
Some notes
Picture a hero who has lost both his memory and his skills. He has no memory of his heroic deeds. Nor is he in possession of thos incredible abilities that allowed him to perform those deeds. He is to all appearances, a normal run of the mill man. But contrary to all appearances, he retains his nobility. That dim memory to which he cannot assign words. He knows not where he came from. He knows not the deeds he performed. He knows not what he was. He just finds himself in the here now and strives to make the best of it.  And he keeps striving. He accepts every failure and strives to learn from it. He regards success as confirmation that he is learning.  He smiles at both success and failure, those twins, those imposters. He dwells not on failure, he learns from it. He dwells not on success, he moves on to his next lesson. Well, let that hero be you. . Let his memory invigorate you. Let his example inspire you. Let his pain be yours, your joy be his. Let that hero be you. He’s a comrade in arms. He’s bleeding in the gutter. But the nobility in his heart. That never bleeds. you’re not with him in person, yet he is in your thoughts. And that is where he must stay, let you lose yourself again.  Emulate this hero, pay him this tribute. The tribute is in deed. And that is how it must be. Let this hero be you.

About masculineffort

A Man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, seduce a woman, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
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