FR: Feb 18…..just start a convo

The idea for the day was

1. Low stress

2. Just do a little bit more than usual

3. Get into the habit of making small talk with women

4. look for opportunities to up the ante, if not take them


She was a little older. Possibly in her mid 30s. She was dressed in this crazy jeans and high heels that absolutely drive me crave a blowjob. I first saw her while getting into the MRT. I did not approach her at while she was on the escalator. Neither did I follow her. Once we got on the platform, she went to the other end. I hesitated to open her in the beginning as there would be quite an audience of Indian guys. I walked a bit to the other side of the platform and saw nothing to open. Oh, well! I’m only opening indirect and that too with a question. The Audience should not matter. So I walked up to her slowly with a smile on my face.

Me: Hello

*Better to say hello rather than excuse me which is too wimpy. If you feel hello is to risque feel free to use excuse me. At this point I saw that she was a little startled. I should continue talking so as to take of the edge.*

Me: Are you familiar with Singapore (carry on with that smile)

She: Yes *not startled any more. smiling a bit*

* At this point I was struck my extreme curiosity regarding where she came from. Since she was smiling here, it was permissible to take this detour. In fact it is preferable to take this detour. So I deferred my nightlife rec. questions for more pressing concerns*

Me: Hmm! I’m guessing you’re from France

She: No! guess again. Further south *okay better. She’s investing*

Me: Spain?

She: No

Me: I give up. You do have the spanish senorita look.

 She: Italy. Rome

At this point, I showed her my familiarity with Roman history a little bit. Now time to up the ante with an edgier question, “Who were the more civilized people, The romans or the greeks? Told her about my female cousin in Milan and how she used to complain about Italian guys being so aggressive. And then she moved to London where she complained how the guys were so boring compared to Milan. This got her laughing. This is the part where there is the customary small talk. She get’s to know where I am from. You get to tell her about India, the diversity which is much greater than Europe. This is firmly in small talk area to get her comfortable with the idea of talking to you. You can show her you are a worldly guy and not just another party guy. Here, the whole thing about the dress sense comes into play. Worldly intellectual talk makes a much greater impression if you are well dressed. A geekily dressed guy talking intellectual just re-inforces his geekiness. She told me about her friend who loves India. She casually mentioned that she was meeting a friend at somerset for dinner. As I asked her a question about her friend whether she was into yoga, she mentioned that perhaps I should ask her friend. Anyway, now let’s take it to the next level.

Me: Are there any good place to go out in Singapore for a drink? (up the ante a little bit with a smile that borders on flirtatious)

She: There are plenty of places. *Smiling*

Me: Please don’t say Clarke Quay. That place is not my style. *don’t volunteer any more information. Expression on my face turns to mock exasperation*

She: What sort of places are you looking for? What are you looking to do? *Is her smile getting more prominent*

Me: A quiet place, where you can actually have a conversation. A bit mellow. My aims are very modest. Have a nice drink. Relax a bit. Talk to people. Make friends. Learn about various cultures foreign. Pick up a foreign language. The world is full of possibility 

She: *Laughs* I like fullerton bay. They have a terrace and it feels really good up there

Me: So is fullerton bay a good place to learn a foreign language.

She: *laughs*

Me: Oh well, after a while everyone speaks the same language anyway

She: *Laughs some more*

A little bit more small talk. I felt good at the end of it. She felt good. Mini-mission accomplished.


Stopped her and asked for directions. Exclaimed how come this place was so deserted after all the hype. She was smiling she seemed happy I approached her. But she seemed to show me the way while getting into a building. Should I have just forced the interaction until there was no smile. Another set I opened gave me polite smiles. There was no point forcing the interaction there. So this provides context for upping the ante and imposing myself in


Fullerton bay does not seem conducive to running solo game. There are closed groups every where and totally involved in their own clique. Opening them sounds like just too much work. There was a two set there which I opened with asking where the local singaporeans hang out. They were happy I opened but the alpha-testing began immediately. They asked me to ask the same question to other people in that manner that implies a challenge. They said some other stuff that implies they were toying with me. When I asked them where they were from, they said they were from the sky. Shit this is what we are asked to do to the girls to flip the script. PUA is probably nothing but flipping the script on girls who think they are hot. Like a chode, I looked up at the sky and said, “we are all from there.” Stupid! They are trying to play and I’m going all philosophical. The right thing to do would be, to look at the sky, look at them and then look at the sky again and again look at them and say, “You wish”, or, “Naaaah!” or “Really? You know when it comes to lying, my little niece does a much better job”. Or I could have continued playing the game with them and asked, “Really? Which part?” If they said “Venus”, say, “Really” and then say some gibberish and claim it is venusian. The possibilities are endless. But you need to be in th =e right state to pull that off which I was not on account of my history.  But now that I think of it, they were laughing and enjoying themselves. I ofcourse failed in all counts. I immediately got defensive trying to explain myself and then excused myself. What I needed to do was say something cocky such as

1. Why are you trying to pimp the others in here

2. Naaah! You guys are more fun

3. Naah! they don’t come from the sky.


I stopped her in Marina Bay sands mall and asked for directions to a club called Avalon. But she herself gave me that sort of smile that says it’s on. And i phase shifted and we got talking. Made some jokes about the great indian dream. So talk about India, germany, europe etc. I invited her back to fullerton bay. She complied. Now the low point was I spent 55 bucks on two drinks which was stupid. She was flummoxed at seeing the prices and I offered to pay. Taking a girl to drink here in SG is a lose-lose situation. You’ve either got her worrying about cash or you supplicate. No way out of this. Though it may still be the best thing to do, for the meantime let’s cut this option out. What I need to do is discover another option. In the meantime stop inviting them out to drink. This is a killer move in the U.S. and a very bad move here.


About masculineffort

A Man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, seduce a woman, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
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