Pick up story: Girl on park bench – 1


1. Entering her perception Field: The main role of the male protagonist is to be a man. When he enters the perception field of a woman, her awareness is heightened. She is suddenly aware of herself, her surroundings, her feelings.  She is suddenly aware that he is a man and she is a woman. She can feel the sexual tension.

2. Immediately noticeable qualities: What are the qualities in a man that bring these heightened perceptions in a woman before he has even opened his mouth or made any sort of overtures towards her?

a. The way he is dressed

b. The way he carries himself, his physical movements, his bearing

c. The expression on his face

3. Dress: For our first story, we will go with a man who is dressed like a motorcycle rider. Not a sportsbike, but rather a harley.

4. Carriage: He walks slowly. His back is erect, not slouched or bent. He walks in a relaxed manner. There is no exaggerated sticking out of the chest as if he is owns the place. He is a traveler, he is just passing through. Sometimes he stands and stares at something that catches his fancy. It may be something as simple as a cloud or a tree. This is how a man carries himself when he is not trying to impress anyone. He is not trying to pick up anyone. He is just exulting in his masculinity. He is glad to be a man. He is aware of himself, he is aware of his surroundings.

5. Facial expression: A face of a soldier or a monk. There seems to be some sort of amused expression on his face. As if the women find him irresistible. As if he knows that. As if it does not matter to him in the slightest……one way or the other. As if even if women found him repulsive and made it known to him, it would scarcely change anything in his expression.It seems to be the sort of face which would not change whether the Gods cursed him or blessed him. Perhaps this is the man who inspired Rudyard Kipling with his poem IF. (You gentlemen call this quality “outcome independence”)



This is s pick up story. Thus when a woman does get picked up, it is because the man intended it and he did the legwork as opposed to hollywood or bollywood where it “just happens”. Thus in this story when a man enters a woman’s field of perception, he does so with intent. It does not happen by accident where they just happen to be riding in the same bus and they just happen to bump into each other. Uh-sorry, that is just not how things happen in the real world. Or even in my ideal world.

Kinda like this, but wearing a skirt, no hat, sitting nearer the edge of the bench, more engrossed in the book and no smile but rather a peaceful expression on the face


He first notices her. Something stirs in him. He smiles inside. She seems very feminine. But is she really feminine? Well, that’s what he wants to find out. Notice how he does not let his imagination run away with him. He is not ascribing to her qualities that she does not have. He is not thinking of her as a goddess such as a venus or an aphrodite. He is not imagining her to have a laugh that that causes wilting flowers to bloom anew. He is not imagining her to have that submissive demeanor that causes a man’s loins to burn. He is not imagining what she would look like when she looks at him sideways while twirling a strand of her hair. Nope! he is imagining nothing. He is in the present moment. He is deeply in reality. She may or may not have those qualities. He does not care one way or the other. He knows that is she does have those qualities, the time spent with her will be delightful. He is also well aware that she may have none of those qualities. She may well be a ball buster who hates men believing them to be oppressors. Or someone who fears men believing them to be rapists. Or she may have all those qualities and still not like him. He does not care about the outcome. But he a poet and a romantic. He is willing to punt on a 100 unpleasant women to get that one delightful creature. Those 100 will leave a bad taste in his mouth, but that One delightful creature will make memories of those 100 vanish. That One Delightful creature will make him look at the other 100 with pity and compassion. Maybe he will even thank those other 100 for the lessons in manliness they are giving him. Such is the power of that One.

She is wearing that floral patterned skirt with a white background. The skirt is neither too long nor too short. When she stands up, it stops just before her kneecaps. But she is sitting down right now reading a book and so the skirt hem stops just in the middle of her upper leg. She is sitting one leg crossed on the other.It’s a little windy. So she is wearing a thin sweater. One hand is crossed over her lower abdomen and the other is holding the book at around eye level. A slight bend in her neck as she reads. Her expression is peaceful. She loves nature, the trees, the skies, the chirping of the birds. (I could not find any photos on the web to capture what I really want. Nothing even came close, but I’ll post the most promising pics).



He is an authentic man. He does not “play it cool”. He is cool at times. He is not cool at times. But whatever he is, he does not play it this way or that. (I think you guys know this quality as congruence). He accepts his mental states whatever they be. He does not try to hold on this state or that. Neither does he try to reject the states that are. He understands that it is this multiplicity of mental states that make the universe an enchanting place.

He starts walking slowly towards the bench where she is sitting.He is looking at her as he walks towards her. He is suddenly aware of his masculinity. There is a twinkle in his eye, slight amusement on his face. As he walks towards her, he permits her femininity to slowly mesmerize him. It’s a slow process, this surrender. It’s funny he thinks that men call this process a “conquest” when it feels so much like surrender. He chuckled inwardly at this thought. He, the proverbial man who could kill a half dozen other men with his one hand tied to a refrigerator, surrendering to this wisp of a girl who’d probably blow away in a string wind!  (Game looks like a conquest to an outside observer, but it feels like surrender to a player)



Okay, we’re back to the boring stuff. Character development. If a feminine girl was sitting on the park bench, what would she be reading? Clearly it’s not going to be a treatise on quantum electrodynamics or a geo-political thriller. What do I visualize her reading? Let’s ask some chicks. 

1. Maribel: Motivation, self-improvement, daily bread etc

2. eat pray love, if the buddha loved, anything by paulo coelho, khalid hosseini’s the kite runner, power of now by eckhardt tolle

This can be an element of day2 conversation or even approach game. You can use this in street conversations sometime after the opener. Hey, if nothing, you get something for your stories. How the hell are you gonna write erotic pick up stories if you are not going to practice pick up yourself. And these sort of questions are possibly better conversation topics than the stale trash a lot of PUAs dish out.

1. You seem like the sort of girl who likes nature……pause…….. See if she responds………..i imagine you sitting on a park bench …… describe what she is wearing, the expression on the face etc what you did on this blog…… plenty of pauses, this should not look rehearsed……But there is one thing that flummoxes me. What book are you reading?

2. On a day2, claim you saw her in a dream……describe the dress, environment and everything and what you were wearing etc and the approach, and say how the dream ended the moment you got to her. Ask her what book she was reading? What book would she be reading? Please don’t rush through the details. Take your time, have manly voice. That is much more important. The details are only for her conscious mind. Let’s make a routine out of this. If done right, you can make her wet



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A Man should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, seduce a woman, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
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