Texting log

The issue of teasing/joking on texting

!’m getting the feeling that my teasing texts here in SG are not going down too well. For one, the girls fail to understand the humor. After all English is not the first language for many For another, there is a possibility that they are not as confident as the girls back in the states. I’m not sure, but I’m getting the distinct feel that teasing may not be the best way to go about things.

a text analysis from Dec 6

Me: <Girls name>, it’s me. What’s up 🙂

Girl: Hello 🙂 I am working

Me: Ofcourse you’re working. How else will you be able to buy me dinner 🙂

Girl: I usually dine with my family 🙂

It’s pretty clear she did not get the humor. Nor the sub text. she probably interpreted it differently than I did. Perhaps bantering is not the best way to go about it

Me: Jenny, I was joking. So where do you work? AMK?

No reply….I waited till an hour after the workday (about 6 hours) and then i texted her with this pathetic one

Me: So J., I’m busy today, but how about we meet tomorrow for a few minutes after work?

Again nothing. so what happened? The second one was pretty bad, but why did the first one not elicit any reply? I’m not really sure. But gonna watch this space.


Let’s take a look at how the next one plays out

Me: Hi <girls name>, this is aspiring alpha from yesterday. How are you doing?

She: Gd afternoon aspiring alpha, I’m fine. N how’s ur day?

Me: Not bad, not bad at all. Are you at work?

She (after 30 minutes): Yap in d housekeeping. hehehe, m a housewife.

Me: Well, I’m at work. Are you free later today in the evening?

She: Hvg my yoga class till 9

Me: So let’s meet at 9:15

She: Let me get back to u ard 7, k?

Me: ok

She: Gd evening, its S. Is 9:30 fine with you? 

Me: See you at 9:30

Now this was a case where there was no need to tease. We met. I knew she was married, but I asked her to set me up with one of her hot friends who did yoga. Let’s see how this moves


The next involves the hottest Filipina girl I ever had the good fortune to game. She was responsive. I was feeling like a stud. Until ofcourse a couple of singapore girls shot me down as they always have. I can see how Krauser feels he has game and why he avoids the Brits.  He feels he has game because he exclusively games EE girls who are kinda like the Filipinas of Singapore. If I exclusively game them I too will feel like the man. The brit girls are like the Locals of Singapore. You won’t feel so good after that. But we are trying to develop our Alpha. And part of developing alpha is taking rejection from the Singapore girls like a man. You should get to the point where you laugh at rejection. Not become numb to rejection. Numbness sucks. Anyway, even thought his Filipina girl was easy to game, my gaming her like any other filipina girl obviously lead to something not ideal. She’s hotter. She needs tighter game. So let’s analyse the Fuckup. I initiated the texting sequence the next day

Me: Badadadadadadadadadadadada

The reason for this was that while I was gaming her, she was making fun of me imitating the way I speak as badabadabadabada……. kinda like how my indian brothers speak so fast. This was a reference to that. Now that I write it here, it does not sound like the best way to initiate the sequence. It’s missing that alpha panache. Alpha guys don’t go badabadabadabada and if someone insinuates that they do, they may not go batshit, but atleast they would not agree. And least of all they would not supplicate or fall into the girl’s frame the way it seems I am doing here. It’s looking really bad. I kinda expected her to laugh. Okay, it might have been alpha, but I screwed it further down the road.

She: ?

She never get’s my jokes. When I was joking yesterday that I wanted her as my seventh girlfriend, she actually took me seriously. I should have understood this sort of humor would be lost on her. A good response would have been, “You don’t understand? I thought that was your favorite word”

Me: That’s just me texting that way I talk

Beta, rapport seeking move. Also, never explain a joke. The best response would have been, “Never mind, you can’t understand my jokes.” This has got to be the worst beta-bitch boy text in texting history

She: Yup

Now that’s her damning me.

Me: Man! nobody understands my jokes

Another beta ploy to get rapport. No reply from that point. It’s possible that this set is lost and gone. Still, I know she’s free on tuesday. So one text on monday/Tuesday asking her to meet me at Ang Mo kio after work. If that does not work, give it up as a lost cause. This one was mine to lose as I gamed her really well. And I did lose it with my beta texting.


A few days after I came back from New Years, I sent a mass text out to everyone. No one replied immediately except one papa. And another papa replied after 3-4 days

Me: *mass text*

K: Hi Aspiring Alpha, sorry for the late reply. How’s exverything 🙂

K: It’s C. btw, not K.

Me: How’s everything? That’s too long for a simple text ;-). How’s next week looking for drinks?

K: Sure I don’t have anything planned. Le’t play it by ear :). Happy new year.

*Play it by ear? This girl has a flaky frame. Need to assert myself. Men are definite.*

Me: How’s this evening looking? I know a nice place

K: well I wanted to watch a movie with a friend of mine but we have not decided in anything yet

K: Are u asking me for dinner or are you just saying you know a nice place? Haha…..

*Don’t be defensive. Be decisive*

Me: Not Dinner. Drinks 😉

* I’m not sure if I left it here for a while or hit her with another text right away. i probably just hit ger with another one. If so, it would have been best to wait for the reaction to this one*

Me: Tell your friend you’ll watch the movie another time. She’ll understand

* This is right out of Neil Strauss one where you tell her you are more interesting than her friends. Just to show bad boy intent. Might work in the west. But in asia, not so sure. I did not receive a reply for a whole hour or so. Time to try to stir things up*

Me: Haha! looks like you’re really keen on that movie.

K: No i just don’t like canceling on friends 🙂

* Confirmed. Bad move on my part. What sort of person are you who tells another to cancel on her friend. But luckily for us, we get rejected by women for weakness, not for bad boyery. So when in doubt, be a bad boy, but understand that in asia it is not a magic bullet. Time to explain yourself without apologizing*

Me: I thought your plans with her were up in the air and not definite

*Not bad if I may say so myself*

K: where do you want to go for drinks


Me: Let’s do friday evening. I’ll let you know thursday okay?

* No reply for 30 minutes. Hmm! looks like this girl does not like evasive shit. She really wants to know. I’m getting a feeling that she is not like your typical western flaky girl. Game with her is being confident. Not a bunch of voodoo tricks and routines. Note to self, when meeting this girl, just be confident. Don’t do any routines or shit. Okay, looks like when she asks a question, she expects an answer*

Me: There’s clarke quay, dempsey hill, a few lounges. Let me see what’s best for friday

K: Sure

K: See you then

Me: Yeah, see you then


Now let’s get to the artist quirky girl who texted immediately

Me: *dunno*

V: Ok. Not too bad. How’s ya trip?

Me: great. what are you upto this weekend

She: Going to Bata, wif my friends. Go for some relaxation n fun

Me: Okay, i’ll text when you next week.

She: sure

*after a few days*

Me: So V., how’s it looking this week for drinks?

V: Should be fine….let u now again.

* what the hell does that mean? Time to be decisive without actually asking*

Me: Saturday’s best for me.


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